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So dear people of the internet, the time has come in my educational career to write my dissertation. Yep that dreaded 12,500 word assignment has caught up with me and so I have to get all my data over the month of August. 

What I’m asking of you guys is that if you have ever visited London, whether you’re from England or somewhere on the other side of the world, I would love for you to spend a few spare minutes answering some questions on transport within the city.

If you haven’t visited London, you can help me out by reblogging this and sharing it on any social network site going and getting those people who have visited answering it if possible :)

I will be out on the streets of London (if I don’t get kicked out of anywhere) doing physical ones too, but the number of responses from that probably isn’t going to be that great. Internet, I’m relying on you!!!

So yes, answer it if you can and share it in as many places if you’d like as well and help a girl out!

I love you all!!! 

And if you follow me and want to avoid seeing this every day throughout August I’d blacklist ‘dissertation times’ as that is the tag I’ll be using!

Thanks in advance,


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No but can we appreciate the fact you can kind of hear Jeremy over the live orchestra without his mic?


 wanderlust traveler

The title song from today’s matinee. Needless to say I was surrounded by very confused tourists. It was definitely an experience I’m never going to forget. I felt so bad, especially for Jeremy who sang all of his bits despite his mic not being turned up until ‘In all your fantasies’, but all I could do was laugh.

I didn’t do touch my phone or anything, this is exactly how it sounded in the theatre. 

The Phantom of the Opera - Jeremy Secomb and Harriet Jones, 21st August 2014 Matinee


I will when my phone cooperates with my computer :)


Legend has it that if I complete all one thousand, I get a special wish. So, uh, that’s three down, 997 to go. So, Harriet, will you join me on my q u e s t so that we can share this wish together?  

I was wondering if you would give me another chance to go on your quest.

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Today’s title song is still hilarious when I re listen to it…

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I’ve just realised that I saw Jeremy’s first show as the Phantom and probably his last. I hope at least for now…


get to know me meme - [2/5] favorite actresses >> Laura Osnes

"Be yourself and shoot for the stars, obviously. Dreams really do come true."

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